Mahavihara Maha Pirivena – Asgiriya-Kandy

Monk Tempel School in Kandy, Sri Lanka. The School in FaceBook.

"The Buddhist clergy at the Maha Pirivena of the Asgiri chapter are the disciples of Aritha thero who was the first Buddhist monk to attain higher ordination after the arrival of Mihindu thero to Ceylon. Rev.Kuntagathissa who was one of the disciples started the Dimbulagala forest heritage (Aranya) for the Buddhist clergy. His successor who became the chief incumbent was Dimbulagala Kashyapa thero. One of the disciples of Kashapa thero was Deepankara who was the founder of Yapahuwa Walasgala Forest Heritage for the Buddhist Clergy. During the days of King Parakumba, the Buddhist Priests at the Yapahuwa Forest heritage were called upon to Senkadagala.

Towards the 21st century, there was a decline in the traditional ‘Gurukula’ education system, where a single scholar taught all the disciplines to his students at his residence. During this time in 1958, Haliya Sri Sumanathissa thero started the ‘Maha vihara Maha Pirivena’ which served as an educational institute. Soon this institute took the form of a university enabling many Buddhist Monks to learn their respective disciplines.,br> In 1964, Mrs. Sirimawo Bandaranayake who was the Prime –Minister offered a plot of land to the Asgiri chapter. Thereafter, there were many offerings,monetary and land ,thus enhancing the strength of the educational institute. Today the institute offers forms of disciplines to over 300 clergy. At the same time it offers social, disciplinary and educational services."

The Historical Background of the Maha Pirivena of the AsgiriChapter copy from the site

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